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Bela Lugosi's Dead, Jim

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Where To Find Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why “ewx”?

A. Hopefuly you can figure it out for yourself. If not, here's a hint.

Q. Do you want to be in my XYZ filter?

A. Yes. Whether I am interested in XYZ depends on my mood as well as who you are and what XYZ is. If a particular post is interesting I will read it, otherwise I will not. If you're willing for me to read something, let me read it; otherwise don't; don't try to do anything more complicated for my benefit.

Q. Have you considered setting up a filter for XYZ that you're talking about lots but I don't care about?

A. No, and I'm not going to consider it; most of my posts are globally readable and I'm not about to deny non-LJ-users the ability to read them for your personal convenience.

Q. What do you want for Christmas?

A. Lists, wishlist links, etc

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